Chakra Yog Foundation came into being to share True Knowledge that is rooted in ancient Vedic Wisdom and reveal secrets of Chakra Science and Chakra balancing techniques to help an individual break free from limiting self-imposed beliefs, illusions, perceptions and wrong definitions that put him into a seemingly never-ending materialistic and mechanical life and attain rounded success and spiritual development and progression. It aims to help you do complete justice to the immense potential that Supreme has provided you with the realization that ‘You Are More’.

Chakra Yog’s Knowledge base has evolved from Advaita Vedanta teachings and from Bhagwat Gita’s four paths to Union.

Chakra Yog aims to propagate the ‘true reason of our existence’ and explain in-depth the reasons and causes of failures, fears, diseases, financial problems, poor relationships and mental stress. Its teachings empower your life with holistic health, success and prosperity in the journey of your life. Chakra Yog is a branch of Yog in which the 7 Chakras (subtle energy centers) located in the human body are ‘brought-in-balance’ through Sadhana (practices) to achieve Union of the Individual Self with the Divine Power. This Union is referred to as Self-realization or Enlightenment. This Union is also a pathway towards Jeevan Mukti or Moksha.

Chakra Yog covers deep and practical knowledge of Chakra Science and Chakra opening or balancing that is a simplified and easy-to-follow practical path to help you discover the reality - your true nature or your true self. The work of Chakra Yog essentially is to take you within so that you open the 7 Chakras - the 7 gates of True Knowledge and Lessons that help you take right actions leading you to explore your Highest Potential and eventually reach Self Realization or Enlightenment.

“The highest goal of Chakra Yog is the ‘true bliss’ that you accomplish from the realization of your ‘true-self’. Once you realize your true-self then nothing limits you, nothing shackles you, nothing is an obstacle for you, nothing is negative for you because “YOU ARE MORE”. This true self is your true nature”. Anyone trying to understand their own nature or anyone trying to be one with their own true nature is a Chakra Yogi. A true Chakra Yogi values Truth, Peace, Bliss and the Infinite Power. This makes you equal to Divine and you are ready to create everything as per your ‘true nature’. The approach of 7 Chakra Sadhana (practices) is a scientific and a spiritual process is broken down through a series of workshops on relevant topics to point you to a deeper understanding of your true nature or your true-self. This involves:

  • Learning the lessons of the 7 chakras and attuning to the fundamental laws of life
  • Self-introspection to see through the illusions, perceptions, definitions, limiting beliefs and overcoming varied fears
  • Mantra Chanting and techniques to destroy the Vrittis or habitual motion of thoughts associated with egoic desires and attachments
  • Release meditations to release everything that is holding you back due to karmic imprints or Samskaras

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